My name is Dina Bernar, author of a literary non-fiction “Hypnohealer”, and accomplished Quantum Healer and Energy Healing Trainer.

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Meet Dina Bernar...

Dina Bernar – accomplished Healer, applying multidisciplinary approach to energy healing with hypnosis on intracellular level.

As former health professional in the field of medical biochemistry, histology, and pathology for over twenty years, Dina experienced great achievements as well as limitations of contemporary medicine hands-on. Determined to help people heal themselves efficiently without pain, harmful side effects of pharmaceutical drugs or invasive treatments, she reoriented herself for natural energy healing.

Re-educating herself and formalizing her credentials, she became certified in a number of alternative modalities, including Hypnosis and TCM and Acupuncture. Gradually, she developed and practiced in her clinics the healing system based on integrating energy healing modalities with hypnosis.

Dina’s career as a natural medicine practitioner and particularly energy healer, has taken her on a fascinating journey. Utilizing proven energy healing modalities in integration with hypnosis on deepest level of consciousness garnered her wide recognition and allowed her to facilitate healing and improvement of lives of hundreds of individuals suffering from variety of health issues and personal problems.

After three decades of perfecting her healing approach, Dina developed a training, in which she shares her knowledge with other practitioners and dedicated individuals, to further develop their innate capabilities to heal by bringing the change in the subtle energy flow that will improve their own as well as other people’s lives.

Offering unique benefits, including instant healing, Dina provides:

– Healing and cellular regeneration with Quantum Energy and Hypnosis
– Timeline and past life therapy for optimal health, well-being and peak performance.

Publishing her new book “Hypnohealer”, represents for Dina a significant step in her efforts to spread the knowledge of healing on subatomic “quantum” level.


Learn to Unleash Your Innate Healing Genius

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Dina's book is riveting! A mix of self-help, auto-biographical and educational. It blends historical, medical information and and highly emotional and personal information - unlike any other book out there. Whether you are interested in self development, learning to harness your healing powers, or simply in for a tale unlike any other - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!
Dasa P - Owner and Head Instructor @ D&D Training Institute